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Chinese New Year Feng Shui by Golden Sphere Realty

Chinese New Year | Feng Shui Principles in Architectural and Interior Design

Over the previous couple of years, most people have realized the importance of building a  sanctuary and a place of survival out of their homes. Many have come to this epiphany after spending 24/7 of their time at home because of the seemingly unending lockdowns and restrictions that are part of the health protocols and safety measures to eradicate the threats of COVID-19. We've suddenly become more...

Ikea Philippines

Why Is Everyone Heading Over to IKEA Philippines?

The biggest IKEA in the world is in the Philippines! Yes, you read that right. Biggest.  IKEA Philippines was launched on November 25, 2021 and it is Ikea’s first branch in the country. It’s been over 2 months since they launched but the hype has not died down. To give you a better understanding of why that is, it’s important to know a little more about the brand. IKEA is a Dutch-headquartered...

Condo-Living | What Makes a Great Work-from-Home Setup

Ever since the pandemic hit, people had to adjust and adapt to certain changes. These changes were mandated in order to keep everyone safe and to lessen the spread of the virus. It affected everyone’s lives. People had to start wearing masks and face shields. They had to undergo quarantine, and there are a ton of restrictions. Basically, we all had to stay indoors. One of the biggest changes that...

Millennials vs Gen Z’s: The Ideal House Design for Their Generation

What do they really look for in a house? When designing a home, we think of traditional, modern, minimalist, to name a few, for interior design style. With Millennials and Gen Z’s, they like to mix and match, and add a personal touch that make it distinct and unique. Apart from this, Millennials and Gen Z’s do have different concepts of their ideal house. Below we listed the different interior house...

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