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Golden Sphere Realty creates premium real estate strategies that drive superior outcomes by providing a full range of fundamental real estate services to local and foreign investors and buyers. 

We offer an array of pre and post-closing services from purchasing, selling, leasing, conversions, and appraising of a real estate property. Whether you are processing transfer of land titles and land ownership, our award-winning and professional service can save you tons of work and time.  Other real estate services also include research, generating leads, marketing, and accompanying clients to property closings.

With a highly experienced and an exemplary passionate team and network of brokers, we can help you get the best property investment options and deals that are most suitable for your real estate needs. 

Here are our other keypoint real estate services:

  • Property appraisal – The price estimation and appraised value of a property in the current real estate market.
  • Geodetic services – Reliable outputs from accurate geodesy and survey land studies to learn the boundaries before purchasing a property to avoid disputes.
  • Reclassification – The exclusive process of converting the use of a real estate property into another classification.
  • Land Conversion – A process of changing the physical use of a land property into some other agricultural use.
  • Due diligence – Due diligence investigation and verification of the facts and information of the property before purchase.
  • Transfer of title – Secure filling and legitimate proof of ownership, title transfer, and change of ownership of the property.
  • Notarial services – Authenticating private documents and having a legal authority acknowledged by the notary public.
  • Documentation – An official agreement documentation between parties regarding a buyer’s intent with a letter to buy property from a seller.

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