Millennials vs Gen Z’s: The Ideal House Design for Their Generation

What do they really look for in a house?

When designing a home, we think of traditional, modern, minimalist, to name a few, for interior design style. With Millennials and Gen Z’s, they like to mix and match, and add a personal touch that make it distinct and unique. Apart from this, Millennials and Gen Z’s do have different concepts of their ideal house. Below we listed the different interior house designs for the two generations.



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This generation has a good grasp on the different style changes throughout the years. They are at a different time and stage in their lives where they seek more memories, sentiments, and practicality.

  1.   Functionality

Millennials like to make use of the space they have. No matter how big or small. They want to be sensible and practical. Rooms that can be changed or converted depending on the living arrangements.

  1.   Room for Entertainment

Millennials don’t mind spending on upgrades for rooms that were meant for entertainment such as the living room, kitchen, and the outdoor area.

  1.   Going Green

Whether it’s real or fake, plants are in. Millennials prefer greeneries in their personal space to bring in some wellness factor into their lives and to their homes.

  1.   Seamless Transition from Indoors to Outdoors

Big windows and doors allow a smooth transition from the indoors to outdoors, which keeps the space looking bright. It allows more space for entertainment with family and guests.

  1.   Open Plan

Not just indoor to outdoor, Millennials also want a smooth transition from the kitchen to the dining area or from dining area to the living room. They want to have complete control over decorating their space for their own use. Not only that, the open space allows them to change the layout of the room from time to time.

  1.   Smart Home

Millennials are very much into technology. Combine houses and technology, and you get a smart home. This tech-savvy generation is always-on-the-go and it makes sense for them to have smart technology in their homes. For example, they prefer to control the air conditioning, lighting, and alarm systems with just a tap on their phones. To them, these innovations make their life easier.

  1.   Sustainable Living

Millennials are eco-conscious. They try to live as sustainably as they can. Which means they will invest in materials and technology that will aid in reducing their carbon emissions. One of the most popular sustainable technologies there is, the solar panel.

  1.   Pieces of Nostalgia

This is the generation that are very sentimental when it comes to their family. For their homes, they like to bring pieces of furniture that bring nostalgia. They will incorporate old furniture and decorations from their parents or grandparents into their homes.

Gen Z


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Also known as the digital natives. Gen Z is a generation of young people who have quick and easy access to an abundance of information and technology. Now, Gen Z’s and Millennials do have some similarities. Both generations are capable of handling technology, and they both like to save, but more so than the other. When it comes to their ideal house design, again, there are similarities but there are also differences.

  1.  Dedicated Workspace

This is the generation that is very familiar with the word “side-hustle,” and are very eager to make money. So, they come up with ways to make a profit out of their hobbies. Which means they want a home that has a workshop or a studio. A space where they can work on their second job.

  1.   Unique Lighting

Gen Z’s want a type of lighting that makes a statement. Something unique and eye-catching. They don’t want the plain old lamp shade. They want something big and bold with LED or even a salt lamp.

  1.   The More Plants the Merrier

Similar to the Millennials, Gen Z’s are also into plants but their generation goes way more beyond that. They are the generation that is bringing veganism to new heights. A study was made by the UK’s BOL Foods where they discovered that going vegan is a popular trend among the European Gen Z’s. A quarter of eighteen to twenty-four year-olds stating that they have already gone vegan. This generation will want to integrate their vegan lifestyle into their homes. They will be looking for smart designs of an indoor garden, living wall, and a greenhouse.

  1.  Relaxing Bathroom

Gen Z’s prioritize taking care of their overall wellbeing. The stress they experience can be overwhelming and they want a rejuvenating way to de-stress. They want a bathroom where they can escape and work on their self-care routine. For their ideal home, they’re looking for a bathroom with a nice shower and spacious bathtub where they can rest and relax.

  1.   Brand Integrity

This generation wants transparency and honesty from brands. Brands that care and do good for the environment. Gen Z’s are more inclined to purchase materials and pieces of furniture from companies that are dedicated to helping others and the environment.

  1.  Co-Living and Tiny Homes

With the housing and rental prices rising, Gen Z’s are now more open to trying out different kinds of living arrangements, especially co-living and tiny homes. These kinds of arrangements are affordable and it can be fun too.

Now we know what makes Millennials and Gen Z’s different when it comes to their ideal house design. Both generations have the freedom to follow their preferred styles and materials. They can choose the elements and concepts they wish to materialize in their own homes. Their home is their personal space where they can be creative in expressing themselves, comfortable, happy and be at peace, after all.

You too can create your own home from your own perspective. We have architectural and interior design experts to help build and create the space that you envisioned. Let Golden Sphere help bring your dream house to life.

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