Why Is Everyone Heading Over to IKEA Philippines?

Ikea Philippines

The biggest IKEA in the world is in the Philippines! Yes, you read that right. Biggest.

IKEA Philippines was launched on November 25, 2021 and it is Ikea’s first branch in the country. It’s been over 2 months since they launched but the hype has not died down. To give you a better understanding of why that is, it’s important to know a little more about the brand. IKEA is a Dutch-headquartered multinational company, founded by Swedish business magnate – Ingvar Kamprad.  The globally known furniture store creates and sells practical, stylish, high-quality, and ready-to-assemble home furnishings and accessories. Not only that, but it also has a restaurant that serves Swedish cuisine.

Last month, getting inside the mall was quite difficult because to get in, you had to book a slot on the IKEA booking page, and it was always full. Now, however, you can enter without a booking as long as you are fully vaccinated. Just make sure to bring with you your vaccination card.

Now that it’s easier to visit this popular Swedish furniture store, many more people are visiting Ikea. The question is, why? Below we listed the reasons everyone is heading to IKEA Philippines.

Stylish and Affordable 

It is no secret that Ikea is much more affordable than its competitors. With several categories of furnishings like IKEA kitchen cabinets or beddings, as well as accessories being modern and up-to-date, one might wonder how they are able to sell at their prices and still make a fortune.

The reason Ikea can sell at a much lower price point is because of how they sell their products. IKEA is known for its ready-to-assemble furnishings which means consumers assemble the products themselves, and this is good for IKEA because this lessens their labor costs which will allow them to lower their selling price.


IKEA is doing its part in lessening the world’s carbon footprint by using sustainable and renewable materials for its products to reduce waste. All of the cotton and wood they use, come from a sustainable source. Meaning the material is recycled or made with much less chemicals. Not only that, but Ikea has also switched out all their light bulbs to energy-saving LEDs.


Swedish Meatballs!

You will definitely feel tired and hungry after shopping at IKEA. After all, Ikea Philippines is the largest in the world, and what better way to de-stress than to head to the Swedish restaurant where you can enjoy the best-selling meatballs.

More Swedish Cuisine

Visit IKEA’s three other main food areas. The Swedish Bistro, IKEA Café, and the Swedish food market. The Swedish Bistro is where you can get a quick bite of snacks. Meanwhile, you can also head to the IKEA Café to lounge with your buddies while enjoying pastries and brewed beverages.

Get your hands on IKEA’s pre-packed grocery items at the Swedish food market. Here is where you’ll also find condiments, chocolates, chips, and drinks.


Items less than 100 pesos

Head over to the “Every Product Under P100” to fill up your cart with IKEA house furniture and accessories that go for as low as 30 pesos. You can find different kinds of items from eco-bags, plates, organizers, and more!

Aesthetically pleasing

Compared to other big box furniture stores, IKEA has come up with an industrial store layout design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for its customers. It highlights its products through showrooms to effectively attract buyers.

Customized Textile 

Did you know that you can get made-to-order curtains and sofa covers at Ikea? Visit IKEA’s textile department to choose a material and design from their wide range of fabric collections then head to their independent sewing service provider to let them get started on sewing your customized item.

If you’ve been inspired by looking through magazines or browsing through the Internet about furniture designs in the Philippines, and you plan on going to IKEA anytime this week, make sure to first visit their website for items that you’ll be purchasing and check if it’s available. IKEA regularly updates their website if a particular item is on hand or not. This will save you time and energy to go look for other items on your list.

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