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Ever since the pandemic hit, people had to adjust and adapt to certain changes. These changes were mandated in order to keep everyone safe and to lessen the spread of the virus. It affected everyone’s lives. People had to start wearing masks and face shields. They had to undergo quarantine, and there are a ton of restrictions. Basically, we all had to stay indoors. One of the biggest changes that occurred was that more companies adapted the work-from-home setup to follow the new normal guidelines. This arrangement allowed more employees to keep their job, and for companies to remain in operation. It’s a different layout compared to working at the office. However, some find this setup more efficient and employees say that they are more productive reporting to work remotely. For those who are struggling with this kind of setup, especially those who live in a condo, below we have listed some tips on how to make a great work-from-home setup, and make your working-lives easier and hassle-free.

  1.       Find your spot

In a condo, you have limited room. Finding a space where there are no distractions and has enough room for your equipment becomes vital. Ideally, you should look for a spot that is away from traffic noise and has enough natural lighting.

  1.       Proper lighting fixtures

Choose a space that receives a good amount of natural light because it can help reduce eye strain. However, if your space does not permit you with good natural light, you can invest in light fixtures such as floor lamps or a table lamp, one that uses a LED bulb for less energy consumption and to save on electric bills.

It’s important to remember that your desk should be well-lit to be more productive and to avoid getting your eyes too tired.

  1.       Designated working desk

When working from home or from your condo, spending hours sitting in your sofa or even your bed becomes your options while working, and this may sound comfy but it’s not good at all. This can lead to back pain, and working on your bed could also give you troubles falling asleep at night. As much as possible, try to avoid this to not make it a habit, and look for a table or desk where you can work properly. It’s best to separate your workspace from the relaxing sofa or bed.

  1.       Invest in a good office or desk chair

It’s hard to sit in front of your computer 8 to 9 hours a day, and if you don’t have a good computer chair, you’ll end up with an achy body after working for hours. Invest in a comfortable office or desk chair. One that has an ergonomic design and a good back support. If you don’t want to buy a chair, you can opt for a cushion that gives you the right amount of comfort and support.

  1.       Power strip

Throughout the day, you will need to charge your computer gadgets and other devices, and to reduce the hassle of getting up and looking for a socket, get organized by placing a power strip right beside your desk.

  1.       Get a good pair of headphones or earphones

We are bound to encounter distractions in a work-from-home setup. It’s not possible to completely cancel out the noise in your house or condominium unit. You’ll hear your neighbors talking, dogs barking, vehicles, and maybe even a rooster. Get a pair of headphones or earphones to help block out some of the background noise and distractions to help you focus more on the tasks at hand.

  1. Decorate your workstation

Spruce up and add a little personality to your workstation. You can place a pot of plant or a piece of art. Decorate your desk to make a pleasant space to work at.

If you are still having trouble creating your work-from-home setup, Golden Sphere can help bring to life your ideal working station through our interior design services. Contact us to build your work-from-home setup today.

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