Architectural Design

Golden Sphere Realty offers premium architectural design service from the initial design to construction completion. We help clients and organizations build the infrastructure of their businesses and dream homes.

We are skilled on commercial and residential projects and ensure that each infrastructure is curated from an innovative perspective and designed with safety. From concept design to construction documentation, site development to interior renderings and presentations, our team includes the finest in-house architects.

Our skilled professional architects can devise architectural plans and construct structures for your concept house design, model homes, commercial buildings, and hotels.

Architectural Design

This service comprises architectural designs, preparation of construction permits and documents, designing, and construction administration of the desired infrastructure while meeting the client’s needs and aspirations for the space.

Interior Design

A novel interior design service that creates the desired overall appearance of your property while maintaining the balance of the internal space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and patterns. Keeping it both functional and aesthetically pleasing for the client.

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