Human Resources

We’ll find you the team that will drive your business to success. Our team of Human Resource experts will scour the web to source the best employees for your business.

Here is what our HR team can do for you:

  • New hire onboarding management – A smooth and strategic process of employee onboarding for new hires at a company.
  • Termination and off-boarding management – A systematic off-boarding process and formal separation of an employee from the company.
  • Exit interviews – Conduct a secure employee exit interview to assess the employee’s company experience and determine areas of improvement.
  • Employee notices and communications – Effective employee management system that communicates required employee notices, or manuals, that represent employment laws in the Philippines.
  • Employee engagement – Establish employee initiatives to increase productivity and quality of work to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Employee file management – A systematic record-keeping and management of employee 201 files to improve filing efficiency and secure workforce records.
  • Employee Verifications – Comprehensive verification and proof of employment for seamless pre-employment screening process.
  • Unemployment claim administration – Proactive unemployment claim administration, auditing management, and preparation for unemployment hearings.
  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking – Centralized and automated employee’s leave management system to track employees paid time off.
  • HR compliance – Human resource process for workforce optimization by establishing employee policies and guidelines that abide by the law and regulations.
  • Performance management processes and annual reviews – Formal employee assessment through performance appraisal and annual review based on their overall job performance feedback.
  • Employee leave administration – All-in-one leave management system for the documentation and approval process of employee vacation leave and service incentive leave.
  • Employee relations issues and concerns – A strategic human resource management to resolve conflicts and issues between employees and the company.
  • Organizational development – Implement organizational development systems and practices that will lead to the growth and success of the company.
  • Policy Creation – Improve the company’s management and processes by instituting a company policy guideline to help with employee accountability.
  • Handbook Creation – A premium employee handbook to define the standard of company policies, procedures, and employee’s rights.
  • Forms Creation – An organized documentation system for various types of form templates for human resource planning and company transactions.
  • Recruitment Services – Stellar HR process of a dynamic employee recruitment that fits your company and organization.

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